When You Wish Upon A Christmas

by The Jingle Boys



“Left abandoned in the jungles of this world, the Jingle Boys emerge. Embraced by the wild surrounding them, they have grown in spirit, ready to face what lies around the river bend. Armed with fire and the magic of BELIEVE, they present an all new album of holiday fare and reach the untamed soul in us all. Providing the bear necessities of life in each festive track, they leave us with the sense that we’re all a part of a whole new world.” - Fredrick Frederic


released December 25, 2012

The Jingle Boys are: Jeremy Burgan, Jessica Burgan, Aaron Doyle, Geoff Gross, Scarlet Gross, Ben Stanton, David Stanton, Courtney Stricklin Burgan.

Featuring: Ian Batstone, Larry Briner, Ananda Dillon, Katie Fierro, Lonn Hayes, Lana Joy, Matt Leon, Chris Martin, Anna Schubert, Sarah Schuessler, Rita Soultanian, Amelia Sully, Macain Treat, Andrew Wahlquist

If you are interested in a digital download of the album, please email us at the.jingle.boys at gmail dot com


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The Jingle Boys Los Angeles, California

'Twas the night before Christmas
& all thru the manor
the Jingle Boys were recording
Making quite a clamor

The gifts were all wrapped
with bright bows so pleasant
the only thing missing
was a musical present

Now carols, now sleighbells
now eggnog & brandy
all hands on deck
to gift Grampa & Granny

They sang & they strummed
each song merry & bright
Happy Christmas to all
& to all a good night!
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Track Name: Two Christmases
i got two ten speeds
dad's yacht, mom's jet skis
these aint, no tchotchkes
two is always better than one

ol' santa he comes with a ho ho ho
he's got me on the list two times you know
broken holiday homes come wrapped in a bow
I'm one lucky kid with two misters and misses
aint it so great that I got two Christmases

still got one brother
stepsisters, from mother
I'll never be a-lonely, 
'cause one is always lesser then two

step dad and mom, step mom and dad
it's the most crowded christmas card I've ever had
two dads named john but still only one loo
with no regard for whatever I do
you can get away with lots in this christmas times two

what is the point of two bikes
when you only got two legs
you only got two feet,
you got two shoes, two pairs of socks...

Think of the happiest things
It's the same as having wings
Think of all the joy and fun
'cause two is always better then one

twice as many wishes but where's my world peace
it's a war on christmas, but the presents don't cease
when a mom says no ask the other one please
I'm one lucky kid with two misters and misses
aint it so great that I got two Christmases

it's so great, i got pet rocks
 i got tube socks
i got robots
pop rocks
high tops
I got barrels o' legos, you don't even want to know...

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